Urban Housing


Glasgow, UK  |   Year Three  |  12 weeks

Featured in End of the  Year  Exhibition 2016


“The city is like some large house and the house is in turn like some small city.”

Leon Battista Alberti



The essential about this project was to learn how to develop an idea that acknowledges the urban forms and rules established by the patterns from the past and subvert these rules to my own agenda. The housing complex containing around 60 people explores the idea of the small city within a building with its own notion of order and chaos through the use of urban grid and the idea of the desired contemplation in the busy post-industrial city jungle called Glasgow.

After preparing a schematic masterplan, I had to focus on one particular site. The housing development resembles the building blocks from which the city is formed. Cellular components are repeated in an organised manner to become the physical backdrop to the urban realm.  As the city is continually renewing and developing, one might almost argue that physical form erodes and decays through natural and unnatural processes and the only secure thing I had left to do is abandon my notion of vanity and the so-called idea of “building for the architects” and immerse myself into the basic needs and desires of the Tenants.

The ground floor becomes a boundary between the busy atmosphere of Merchant city towards North and the private lanes of the neighbourhood towards South. Thus, the building behaves according to the nature of these features: a market is created to connect the busy life and the office spaces situated in the semi-private area of the neighbourhood.


Voids have been created to stimulate interaction between levels. These voids and loggias create an open atmosphere that encourage airflow, open up to light and create a certain social cohesion. The inhabitants of two stories share one outside space. This system strengthens the social atmosphere within the whole. The openings are spaces dedicated for communal gardens. The light and ventilation these also provide are in contrast to the claustrophobic conditions of other developments in the area.


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Perspective section showing a slice of the one bedroom flats, circulation core and rooftop gardens. >

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