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Saujon, FR  |   Year Three  |  16 weeks

In Progress   |    Collaboration with Salma Berrada

teaching language:  French  | exchange project in ENSAPLV Paris


Our task is to reorganise and reshape the streets of Saujon in favour of pedestrians and cyclists. The inhabitants of the small town near the Atlantic ocean coast have an already established preferred mode of transport - the car. However, it is no coincidence that the vehicles are the dominant way of transporting. The river Seudre splits the town and the lack of connections isolates the South residential area from the city centre. The highway which slashes the town also alienates the recreational zone with the densely populated area of Saujon. These factors together with the unfinished plans for pedestrian and cyclist routes contribute for the inconsistent and incoherent transmit of activities.


Thus, in order to improve the quality of pedestrian and cyclist circulation throughout Saujon, we decided to link the key points of the town starting from the arrival spot (the Train station), through the city centre, the focal points of the city and finishing with the leisure point in the outskirts - the Wakeboard station. This established route would not only ease the access of pedestrians and cyclists but also create a desirable, undisturbed green promenade with a subtle balance between all means of transport. Downtown streets can become destinations worth visiting, not just thruways to and from the workplace. Transit stops and stations would make commuting by rail or bus a pleasure. Neighbourhood streets are be places where parents feel safe letting their children play, and commercial strips are designed as grand boulevards, safe for walking and cycling and allowing for both through and local traffic.

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