An Art Gallery

Glasgow, UK  |   Year One  |  9 weeks


In this project, for the first time, I was engaged with a real client - the Glaswegian artist Alex Frost.


My aim was to create a building that would entirely respond to the artist’s dynamic work and also match the unique expressive style of each contemporary piece of art though the use of light, space and different levels of interaction. 


The project was not only concerned with the artist’s needs but also - the society’s needs. The location of the gallery - Gallowgate (the East End of Glasgow) is known for its various minorities

and ethnic cultures that spread their unique character and identity through different commercial activities, events and gatherings. Still, there is an increasing demand for a cultural platform, a gallery with a distinctive face and value which would bring together all the different cultures not only with its social aspect but also architecturally.


The project was exhibited in The Barras Art Gallery, Strathclyde End of Year Exhibition and featured in A-Space yearbook.




1, ground floor

/lobby, cafeteria/


2. first floor

/space for large art pieces/


 3. second floor

/workshop, viewpoint, temporary exhsibitions/


 4. third floor

/naturally lit exhibition space/

gallery axo

The level of natural light is adapted according to the kind of the art pieces that were going to be exhibited at each floor.


Since the gallery is also a local gathering space, a workshop and a focal point in the East End neighbourhood where every ethnic minority among the many in this area could find a place to express their unique character, the facade expresses that feature through its shapes. I decided to bring together the numerous little Polish kiosks, Turkish kebaps, Chinese shops, etc through the form of the window openings that replicate their shapes.


Now this seemingly detached neighbourhood seems complete. Architecture and society are one.

axo 2 gallery

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