A Place of Worship

Inveraray, Scotland  |   Year Two  |  8 weeks


I was asked to choose a religion, investigate into the liturgical practices and design a medium scaled place of worship dedicated to communal activity. My aim was to create a place with architectural aspirations that fulfil not only the functional but also the atmospheric expectations.


The synagogue is positioned on the shore of Loch Fyne in Inveraray, a small Scottish town with a rich history. 

Pointing towards East according to the Jewish dogmas, the building’s shape is dictated by the street lines and corners.


The sharp forms and outlines seen from the loch, recall the primary industry in the town – fishing and the Noah’s ark. The plan is an interpretation of the star of David and revolves according the hierarchy of the activities since a synagogue must be a house of prayer, study and assembly.


The light flows down all around the building from skylight openings that contribute to an interior of delicacy, intimacy and calm. In the main gathering space the light is diffused through a mesh curtain creating a golden glow that transcends the solidity of the surrounding stone and the dictates of history.


Right: Perspective from the entrance of the main sanctuary place























perspective house of worship

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